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The Bottletop Bag

Our friend The Bag Lady pointed out a creation worth mentioning. The Bottletop Bag is a remake of the original Mulberry Bottletop Bag from back in ’02, and features heaps of wires,
Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, twisted and intertwined, Coke caps, as well as a wired model of the African continent on its front. The bag has a built-in speaker and a radio receiver (incl. antenna),
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, it seems to be compatible to iPods as well. Best part ~ the Bottlecap charity gives a part of its profits to sexual health projects in Africa that provide sexual and reproductive health education in the part of the world that needs it the most. Thumbs up! Once their online store actually responds to our browser requests, we can provide you with pricing and availability. Great, unique case/bag for a good cause.

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Valentino is clearly not interested in all that anti-It Bag silliness

While the staff at Loewe has been working tirelessly to perfect its grocery bag handbags, designers at Valentino have been plying their trade at the opposite end of the spectrum. The Valentino aesthetic has always been feminine, detailed and utterly glamourous,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, and the brand has chosen to take those ideas to their absurd extreme with the Valentino Glam Zebra Tote. You have to give them points for just calling this bag what it is, even if the name gives me the mental image of a zebra dressed up as a drag queen (which is not an altogether unpleasant image, admittedly).

This bag is what the Fug Girls would refer to as a scrolldown fug. I’m loving how silly and shiny this bag is until we get all the way down to the bottom quarter, at which point things go seriously awry and the bag seems to grow some very shiny porcupine quills. One the one hand: they’re shiny! They fit the motif, whatever it might be! On the other: WTF.

I’m not sure why Valentino thought that silver-and-black sequined leopard print would become monotonous before everyone’s eyes got to the bottom of the bag and it needed something to break it up,
Valentino Shoes Replica, but for better or worse, that was the decision that was made. If the bag had been entirely covered in sequined zebra, I would be totally on board for this shining example of in-your-face fashion fun. As it is, I’m only three-quarters of the way there. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $3495.

Amanda Mull ON

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Want it Wednesday: B Brian Atwood, Alexander Wang,
Valentino Handbags for Women, All Saints

This week the PurseBlog team is itching to add a few new pieces to our spring wardrobes. Whether it be a seriously comfy All Saints graphic t-shirt or a pair of in-your-face colorblocked platform pumps, we all have a little something we want this week. So click below to see what Amanda, Hilary and I are coveting!

Megs | B Brian Atwood Fontanne Suede Colorblock Platform Pumps | $350 via Saks

Brian Atwood won over the hearts (and feet) of women worldwide and decided to expand his empire into the contemporary world (and price point, thankfully) with his B Brian Atwood line. Seriously, I am not sure what more I can say other than the fact that I am obsessed with these shoes. Bright pink, blue, and yellow colorblocked together on these platform pumps is just what my spring shoe wardrobe calls for. Great comfort, great style,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, and a really reasonable price can’t be beat!

Amanda | Alexander Wang Knitted Eyelet Sweater | $985 via Net-A-Porter

To be clear, this sweater has absolutely naught to do with anything else in my wardrobe. I have a decent bit of Wang, and I have sweaters, of course, but this Formula-1-by-way-of-Isabel-Marant pattern and structure stand out on their own from anything else I might be tempted to wear on a day-to-day basis. I’m somewhat large-chested, by fashion standards,
Valentino Red Women Shoes, so I don’t even think that this top would fit me properly. And still, somehow, I’m totally digging it. To counteract the slim, sporty feel, I’d pair it with a very full black skirt above-the-knee or maxi? I’m not sure. Either way, Alexander Wang has yet again made me aware of a gap in my wardrobe that desperately needs filling.

Hilary | All Saints Theron Top | $90 via All Saints

With the weather warming up, all I want are some long, cozy, ultra soft tees that I can layer over leggings and pair with my beloved Rag & Bone moto boots. All Saints tees fit the bill edgy,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, soft and the perfect amount of drapey-ness. I am obsessed with the graphic on this one it has gold foil detail. Such an easy look for early spring!

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

3.21.12 IN

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PurseBlog Poll: Are you done with leopard print,
Valentino Shoes Replica?

Gaging a trend’s lifespan can be a precarious endeavor,
Valentino Shoes for Women, particularly when that trend is born out of something like leopard print,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, which is an innate classic whether its haters want to admit it or not. It’s been around for ages, and even though it tends to fall in and out of favor cyclically, it will never leave the style world entirely. For leopard lovers like me, that’s a beautiful thing.

Over the past couple of seasons, though, leopard has been pushed by every brand from Givenchy to the Gap. I find this Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Tote in leopard haircalf exceptionally beautiful, but thanks to overexposure, it does occur to me that some of you might disagree. We’ve set up a handy-dandy poll to measure your leopard fatigue after the jump, or you can buy this bag via Nordstrom for $2795.

Loading …

Amanda Mull ON

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Sneak Peek: Tod is Spring 2012

Images via Tod’s

For most people, I think the image that comes to mind when one thinks of Tod’s is that of comfortable driving shoes and fine, if very traditional,
Red Valentino Shoes, leather handbags. It’s a company that makes the kinds of things that everyone’s mother would be overjoyed to receive for Christmas. That,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, in and of itself, is also a bit of a problem; how does Tod’s make itself relevant to its next generation of customers?

It looks as though the company would like to start answering that question with Tod’s Spring 2012.The collection represents a modern take on the brand’s most popular bags,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, the Bauletto satchel in particular, with versions that run the gamut from only slightly left-of-center to full-on crazy. Crazy relative to the classic bags for which Tod’s is known, anyway. I see some very interesting options in this lineup that I’d love to wear myself.

Amanda Mull ON

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VBH Martini Envelope Clutch

When I choose a clutch,
Discount Valentino Handbags, I always go for a statement piece. Whether it is elegance,
Valentino Handbags for Women, sophistication,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, fun, funky, my clutch reveals information about my mood, the event I am attending,
Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, and how I want to be perceived. After all, the accessories we wear only further let people learn a little about who we are. That is why this clutch has caught my eye. Intricately handcrafted in Italy, the VBH Martini Envelope Clutch sports a fun and playful mood, with its interesting and dimension adding orchid beading on the entire clutch. The clutch looks like a grained material from far, but up close the dimension increases to show off a very meticulous process that must have taken place. This clutch is a long envelope style (11.5″W x 4″H x 1″D) and features three silver beads on the front along with a flap closure. On the inside you will find lush suede lining and a gold plaque to show that this clutch is a limited edition piece. This is a work of art, that appeals to my fun side while remaining chic and not over the top. Through Net A Porter for $1350.

Note: The material used to make this clutch has been questioned. However, we confirmed with Net-A-Porter and the description stands as above.

Such intricate and interesting beading is implemented on this clutch.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

11.2.07 IN

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RHOBH Season 4 Reunion, Part 2: "I like my wine."

Last night, we trudged through yet another hour of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion,
Valentino Shoes Replica, during which we tackled (but by no means answered) such important question as whether or not Brandi drinks too much (probably) and whether or not Carlton’s an anti-Semite (probably not). Real Housewives isn’t a show of answers, though, and maybe that’s why we have to have another hour of reunion time next week.

1. The Housewives went to an inordinate member of group exercise classes this season. In years when there’s a ton of internal drama to carry the plot, all the Housewives do is go to parties and lunches and coffee confrontations because putting them in the same place to talk is all that’s necessary for good television. This season, the Beverly Hills wives needed lots of structured activities, and most of them were such that talking wasn’t particularly easy.

2. There is no progress to be made between Carlton and Kyle. No matter how much it’s pointed out that Kyle couldn’t see Carlton’s entire tattoo and that asking if it was a Star of David is not actually offensive, Carlton is convinced that it was somehow meant as an insult,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, even though she admits that it’s not an insulting thing to say. Kyle, for her part, didn’t really walk back her claim that Carlton might be anti-Semitic, even though she probably isn’t. She’s just anti-Kyle.

3. Gigi pays her own rent in NYC. I don’t entirely know if I believe that. Gigi certainly has a significant income from her recent modeling success, but Yolanda is such an involved mother that I’d be surprised if she weren’t still trying to mother Gigi with cash. Also, modeling pays reasonably well at the very high end (and nowhere else), but Gigi’s apartment is fantastically expensive.

4. Brandi’s ex-husband won’t allow their kids on the show. That’s why we never get to see Brandi be anything but drunk at a party, which I had never really thought about until it was brought up. If we could see Brandi in more types of situations, I’m sure she’d seem less like a ridiculous lush than she does now, but Eddie wants all the kiddie camera time for himself, apparently.

5. I still don’t understand why Kim cares so much about whether Lisa shows up to things. There are people in my social group who never bother to show up to stuff. Some of them do it for Kim reasons,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, others do it because they’re just annoying people in general who don’t value the friendship of others. No matter the reason, though, it becomes difficult to take their invitations seriously after enough passage of time,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, especially if I’ve never formed any particularly personal bonds with them. People wear out their welcomes, and it’s not cruel to set boundaries with an addict, even if (and maybe even especially if) they’re tighter than the boundaries that the addict would prefer.

6. Brandi’s on 10mg of Lexapro. Brandi has her moments at both logical extremes of the personality spectrum, but her candidness about her emotional struggles and the very practical ways she’s trying to deal with them is great.

7. Has anyone ever been as self-righteous as Joyce? Brandi has plenty of privilege, but I cannot listen to anyone who’s never been clinically depressed or a single mom lecture a clinically depressed single mom about how she doesn’t really have it that bad and she should buck up. At best, she’s speaking out of turn, and at worst, she sounds like she’s looking for someone to criticize in order to accent her own virtue, an virtue doesn’t buy you a lot of fans on reality TV.

8. Somehow, we have another week of this left. The first two hour-long installments of this reunion have been stupendously dull, and for some reason, I assumed they were going to put us out of our misery tonight. My hopes were dashed, for next week we have to talk to the husbands.

Amanda Mull ON

3.25.14 IN

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Your first look at Celine is Pre-Fall 2012 handbags

Image via @BarneysFASHION. Additional images via Kirna Zabete and Celine

I hate Pre-Fall for the same reason that I hate Resort: It’s so hard to get good pictures of the bags,
Valentino Shoes Replica, shoes and accessories when the lines debut. Because most designers have small shows or presentations for a very small group of buyers and editors and then simply release lookbook images to the fashion press at large, the detail shots that you get during the big, somewhat public Spring and Fall runway shows are basically nonexistant. Still, though, we do the best we can to sniff out as much information (and as many pictures for you guys) as we can find.

With that in mind, I’ve done some Internet sluething and come up with the best pictures available of Celine Pre-Fall 2011 Handbags. That includes shots from preview-attenders that were posted to Twitter and Facebook, as well as a look at the brand’s official images from the collection. If you spot any we’ve missed floating around on the Internet, let us know and we’ll add them to the gallery.

Amanda Mull ON

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Fashion Week Handbags: Bottega Veneta Spring 2012

Images via

Bottega Veneta never disappoints. I realize that’s something of a strong statement, but I honestly can’t remember a time when I’ve looked through the handbag images from a Bottega show and thought,
Cheap Salvatore Ferragamo Outlet Online, Eh, these are ok. The bags are always utterly luxurious and usually quite functional on top of it. Tomas Maier knows where his brand’s strengths lie, and as a result,
salvatore ferragamo, the bag lovers in his customer base always get something utterly lustworthy for their patronage.

Despite a design or two that doesn’t quite pass muster (riveting just make ostrich skin look strangely mottled on a few of these bags), Bottega Veneta Spring 2012 stands out as a very strong handbag collection in a season that’s seen a few stinkers from brands that are usually reliable. Ladies, Bottega is still the Bottega you all know and love.

Amanda Mull ON

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Banana Republic Handbags

Chic handbags in high quality do not have to be super exclusive,
salvatore ferragamo perfume, crack your bank account and cost your husband’s last nerve. Afterall, you won’t have to justify these two purchases that I am about to suggest,
salvatore ferragamo shoes, as they are actually very reasonably priced. Coming from Banana Republic are the $98 bamboo-accent leather slouch and the $48 python-embossed hard clutch.

The slouch comes in pink ice and plain white and gives off a tropical touch with its bamboo links and golden metal hardware. The outer is made of leather while its inside is made of cotton twill lining. Its shoulder strap drops 8 1/2 inches,
salvatore ferragamo belt, while the overall dimensions measure 8 3/4″ x 15 3/4″ x 1/2″.

Banana’s hard clutch is a cute gem that I truely adore. Its rectangular box shape,
Salvatore Ferragamo Outlet, along with the Italian leather’s faux python emboss, satin twill lining on the inside and golden metal trim round off this wonderful clutch. Even more wonderful is the price. For $48 this clutch in sarong red or white is a true steal. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Vlad Dusil ON

5.20.05 IN

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