Claudia Sampedro is Hot…Really, Really, Really Hot!

  As you know, this website is dedicated to giving local businesses in Miami a little spotlight and a platform to display themselves to the world. We came across a local hottie named Claudia Sampedro, and boy oh boy we have been looking forward to sharing her with you guys for a long time! Claudia […]



New Developments in Miami

Earlier this month we wrote a feature on Marketic, a Miami SEO company. We recently caught up with Ryan Stewart, the Miami SEO expert, to see what they were up to now. We were fascinated at what we found. The team at Marketic has joined forces with Miami’s #1 real estate agent for Pre Construction […]

Video Update: Miami YouTube Video



Sometimes, we like to just post videos.

In today’s update, we found a great YouTube video from a couple years back about Miami Small Businesses. We thought it was relevant to what we’ve been discussing thus far.

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How To Sell A Kindle Fire

Buyback boys is a site that buys both used and new tablets at competitive prices and the services are on top of the list. Sometimes we but tablets and after some few months or weeks we get tired of them and desire to buy other tablets with some more sophisticated technology. But then the prices […]

Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

written by: Mary Jean Online marketing is a fast growing industry and it is important for small business owners to harness its influence to enhance the visibility of their establishments. Growing an online presence is the key to marketing products, getting sales and widening clientele base. With the right tools and strategies, it can boost […]



Small Business Marketing Tips

written by: Ryan Stewart If you have a small business, then marketing is something that you need to approach with care. You will not have the large budget that larger companies in Miami have. This means that you cannot fight using their tactics because you will lose. Small business marketing requires smarts. If you want […]

The Current State Of The Miami Economy

written by: Hewey Turks According to CNN, this is one of the best times to invest in luxury Miami real estate, as people from all over the world and not just locals are finding out. There is a great demand for luxury real estate in this city and the surrounding areas and builders are responding […]


Want To Open A Business In Miami? The Time Is Now!

Written by: Dessa Scott Small businesses are doing quite well in Miami and most investors are finding it profitable to go and set up a small business in Miami. There are a number of reasons why this is so. The federal government provide a set of tax advantages to small business so as to enable […]

Why Your Small Business Needs Good Web Design

Written by: Julian254 In this digital age, web design for small business is so important to help the business succeed online. Each small business should invest in a good website as this is the first hand shake with customers. This is one strategy for the business owner to achieve online marketing goals. Potential customers are […]