¡Felicitaciones España www.christian louboutin

¡Felicitaciones España!

As most of you already know, Spain won the World Cup title in overtime against Netherlands yesterday in front of a crowd of 88,
www.christian louboutin,000 in Johannesburg,
christian louboutin red, South Africa. It marks the country’s first World Cup final win in the history of the tournament, and surely the players couldn’t be more proud to take the trophy back to Spain.

They won’t be taking just the trophy,
christian louboutin booties, however. This year, Louis Vuitton designed a special carrying case (complete with a spot for white gloves,
christian louboutin sale uk, natch) to display the trophy and move it around South Africa. Right, because Louis Vuitton monogram is so discreet. One day, I’d like to win something so cool that it requires its own custom Vuitton case.

Photo via Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter page,
christian louboutin slingback pumps.

Amanda Mull ON

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Hayden Harnett November Giveaway

I am sure you are as thrilled as we are to learn that there are a few different giveaways we will be hosting this month. And come to think of it, what better way to really push the holiday season into full force than with a giveaway. Hayden-Harnett has sponsored this giveaway and we are *thrilled* to showcase the designer as well as these fabulous bags. In fact, the Hayden Harnett giveaway will feature not one,
yellow christian louboutin shoes, but three wonderful handbags up for grabs.

What can I win,
christian louboutin fernando?

Third prize is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Clutch.

Second prize is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Hobo,
christian louboutin pigalle flats.

First prize is the Hayden-Harnett Wyeth Tote.

How do I enter?

It’s simple! Visit Hayden-Harnett and tell us in the comments section below which handbags is your favorite and why,
christian louboutin biography.

How do I win?

The contest will run from November 3st, 2008 through December 3rd at 11:59 PM EST and the winners will be chosen at random.

Thanks again to Hayden-Harnett for sponsoring this giveaway!


Shannon Mahoney ON

11.18.08 IN

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Balenciaga Fall 2010 Colors: Do I have to pick just one,
christian louboutin barneys new york?

When it comes to Balenciaga, I have been more of an obsesser than a buyer. I watch each collection hit stores and I spend hours stressing over which color will be the perfect choice for me. In fact, I worry and over-analyze this so much that I end up never buying a Balenciaga bag (that is until recently, when I bought 2).

Known for their array of eye-catching leather colors, it is no wonder Balenciaga has garnered a cult following over the past 10 years. The Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2010 Colors have hit the PurseForum and now I can share them with you. While color swatches of leather never give you the full effect of the end product, they are a helpful start.

As I continue to stare at the color chart I am having a hard time deciding which color I like most,
christian louboutin pigalle 120 patent pumps. And there continues my cycle of loving Balenciaga too much and having too many options to make a choice,
christian louboutin egoutina. It is similar to me standing in the cereal aisle in the grocery store; there are about 100 options for corn flakes and I end up buying three possibilities along with another handful of cereals that say corn just in case I made a bad decision. Major difference is a box of cereal is $3.50 and a Balenciaga bag is mid-thousand dollar range.

studded christian louboutin, back to the colors. From the swatches I am immediately drawn to Murier (purple), Pivoine (pink), and Bois de Rose (taupe with hints of blush). Seeing these colors on an actual bag will hopefully help me to make up my mind. Right now I just feel like I am looking at paint swatches for my house, and boy oh boy am I confused!

What color(s) do you find yourself drawn to most from the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2010 swatches?

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

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Fashion Week Fall 2010: Gucci Handbags

Allow me to make one of my personal biases clear: I look forward to seeing the bags on the Gucci runway more than almost any other bag-including show at fashion week. The brand’s notorious sense for modern glamor and sexuality often comes through best in their runway bags, and seeing them is almost always a pleasure.

I wasn’t as excited by this season’s offerings as I was for last season’s technology-influenced collection, but they were still as luxurious and detailed as you could reasonably ask. Much of the collection, which was heavy on ostrich, was also sporting a slightly modified interlocking G logo that I’ve never seen before could it be a vintage revival,
how much are christian louboutin shoes, as is popular with the brand, or something completely new? I’m not sure which,
christian louboutin maudissima, but whatever it is,
christian louboutin bag, I think its slightly curvier lines work well for the direction that the brand is going.

Photos via Style,
christian louboutin flats.com.

Amanda Mull ON

3.3.10 IN

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The cutest and most extravagant Flower Girl bag

Gals and guys, wedding season is upon us! Amanda and I broke down the best traditional wedding day bags along with the best non-traditional wedding day bags. But there are so many more attendees that need to find a bag for the big day, including the flower girl. The idea of a super extravagant piece for the flower girl took a major push forward after Charlotte’s daughter carried the Judith Leiber Cupcake Clutch in the Sex and the City movie.

Since then, I’ve decided a novelty bag with an extravagant price tag is both ridiculous and cute. If your wedding budget is exceptional or someone in your family wants to splurge on a crystal clutch for the flower girl,
christian louboutin black patent, Judith Leiber is still the brand to turn to.

The Judith Leiber Crystal Flower Basket floral bouquet is made up of lavender,
christian louboutin stores, blue, pink, green, and multicolor Austrian crystals while the basket is adorned with silvery crystals. I adore the woven silvertone basket top handle on this bag and find everything about this piece perfectly cute.

I’ve always said Judith Leiber pieces are made to be art pieces. Weddings are much of an art show, you buy a dress and shoes that cost an exorbitant amount of money and you only wear them once. If you choose to splurge on your flower girl, I say add some bling and make all the flashes from the cameras shine off her bag as she walks down the aisle. Price is $5,
christian louboutin men shoes,995 via Neiman Marcus.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

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Chanel Classic Alligator Bag

Chanel is one of the last major design houses to slowly take to the online world of fashion. Yesterday Amanda delved into a discussion about luxury houses taking small steps into the online world of blogs and social media. Chanel had a fairly blank site for quite some time,
christian louboutin shoes australia, but recently began adding video and pieces from their shows and upcoming lines. It is ideal for anyone who wants to do some research or swoon over an item they may never be able to buy.

Today I find myself doing just that,
christian louboutin for cheap, obsessing over a bag that I will 99% certainly never own. The Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag features a flap CC closure and interlaced chain. The color is dreamy of this matte alligator skin and this bag truly is timeless. If you call the Chanel Classic Flap timeless this is timeless squared. Price tag is $26,
christian louboutin shoes online,600. When I spoke to a Chanel rep she said this bag was currently out of stock,
on sale christian louboutin, but they may expect some to come in soon. I am left staring at the computer screen dreaming. More via Chanel online.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

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14 Belt Bags to Wear this Summer

Whether you’re a Coachella die-hard or a casual concertgoer, one thing we can all agree on is that there’s nothing worse than having to fuss around with your bag when all you want to do is dance. While crossbody bags and backpacks leave your hands free for taking pictures and enjoying an ice cold beer, they can sometimes get in the way of your ridiculously good dance moves. Hence, I’ve turned to the belt bag.

The belt bag may have a bad rap, with its close similarity to the fanny pack, but these bags look nothing like those horrible nylon fannies you’ve seen on so many tourists. With contemporary designers and luxury brands designing their own versions of the belt bag, the thought of wearing a bag around your waist no longer seems so scary. It may be a little daunting at first,
christian louboutin studded boots, but take a look below at our favorites for the summer season.


The Row Large East-West Fanny Pack

christian louboutin sale london,650 via Neiman Marcus


Marni Embellished Mesh Belt Bag

$1,250 via Net-a-Porter


Newbark Leather Belt Bag

$990 via Net-a-Porter


Beau & Ro Amangensett Belt Bag

$158 via Beau & Ro


Clare Vivier Supreme Fanny Pack

$253 via Shopbop


ONE by Erin Dana Evan Fanny Pack

$187 via Shopbop


Tory Burch Robinson Waist Pack

$225 via Shopbop


MICHAEL Michael Kors Perforated Belt Bag

$98 via Neiman Marcus


Louis Vuitton Geronimos Waist Bag

$1,250 via Shopbop


Gucci Original GG Canvas Belt Bag

$625 via Gucci

Slide 11 / 14

Sonia Rykiel Metallic Belt Bag

$520 via INTERMIX

Slide 12 / 14

Karl Lagerfeld Printed Canvas Belt Bag

$125 via Net-a-Porter

Slide 13 / 14

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Small Belt Bag

christian louboutin purple shoes,250 via Neiman Marcus

Slide 14 / 14

Chanel Fanny Pack

christian louboutin studded,650 via Shopbop

Bea Iturregui ON

5.16.14 IN

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Marc Jacobs i Spring 2015 Collection Will Include $40,000 Alligator Bags

Runway shows are only half the story; you don’t get the full picture of what a designer has planned for a season until the lookbooks and price lists come out, and thanks to Moda Operandi, a lot more of that information is now made public in a timely manner than ever before. As our friends over at Racked noted earlier this week,
christian louboutin shoes australia, Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 trunk show includes three very notable bags that all ring in at a cool 40 grand.

Jacobs left Louis Vuitton after his Spring 2014 collection in order to focus on his own brand and its rumored, eventual IPO, and accessories are proving to be a huge part of that expansion. Jacobs has launched a handful of new, well-received foundational styles since his departure from Vuitton,
clearance christian louboutin, and like basically every other accessories brand hoping to capture both the highest-dollar clients and those with more reasonable incomes who wish to emulate them, his next logical frontier is exotics.

In case $40,
christian louboutin at saks,000 all at once seems a little steep, you can hand over a paltry 20 racks now and keep the other 20 for yourself until the pre-order comes to fruition in the spring. The bag will come in olive, brown and, for those of you who want to tempt fate with five-figure bag in a light color,
christian louboutin shoe boots, cream. Check out the bags below or shop the full collection via Moda Operandi through September 23.

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag

$40,000 via Moda Operandi

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag

$40,000 via Moda Operandi

Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag

$40,000 via Moda Operandi

Amanda Mull ON

christian louboutin lady clou.14 IN

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christian louboutin look alikes |

Introducing: SW1

It’s rare that I come across a line of bags at Neiman Marcus that I don’t immediately recognize, but that’s what happened when I was browsing the retailer’s new fall arrivals online recently. The SW1 Podplaza Satchel, above, immediately caught my eye for its spare,
christian louboutin over the knee boots, confident design; it takes some nerve to design a bag that’s so aggressively minimal,
christian louboutin shoes australia, because the eye doesn’t have anything by which to be conveniently distracted when evaluating the finished product.

After some research, that level of confidence wasn’t so surprising. SW1 is a high-design, Milan-based offshoot of American shoe powerhouse Stuart Weitzman, and the man behind the line is Alvaro Gonzalez, who has worked in accessories for Jimmy Choo, Tod’s and Valentino, among others. The bags are designed by Gonzalez and his team and produced in Weitzman-owned European factories, and so far, the results are particularly good. All of the pieces that Neiman Marcus carries are under $1000, and although the line might not be entirely at that price point, it’s a good place to start. Check out a couple more of our favorite pieces after the jump,
christian louboutin high heel shoes, or pick up the bag you see above for $995 via Neiman Marcus.

SW1 Matrix Asymmetric Envelope Clutch,
christian louboutin nude heels, $495 via Neiman Marcus

SW1 Mosaic Mother of Pearl Clutch, $895 via Neiman Marcus

Amanda Mull ON

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Oscar de la Renta Grafton Clutch

Last week OscarPRGirl tweeted For me a really good day clutch is a precious commodity. I read the tweet and nodded my head. Then I opened up the photo she included and fell in love. You all know my love of clutches, I gush about them often on PurseBlog. Welcome the Oscar de la Renta Grafton Clutch to your screen. Now wipe up the drool and let’s get down to the details of this entirely swoon-worthy clutch.

Of course I am immediately drawn to the Teal Lizard version of this clutch. Teal is a color that works well for everyone. It is one of those universal colors. And here we have it in lizard skin,
christian louboutin crystal heels, which adds a slight sheen and additional dimensionality. It doesn’t hurt that this clutch itself is downright gorgeous. The style mimics an envelope and has a magnetic snap closure and a small side pocket. Buy via Oscar de la Renta for $2,
christian louboutin clearance sale,190.

While the lizard skin version has my heart,
christian louboutin handbags, due in part to the color, there is a non-exotic skin version that is equally as lovely. A closer look at the metallic caviar Grafton Clutch showcases a unique texture which comes from a stamping technique. But this bag is just made of leather, in another perfect hue for wear-ability, anthracite. Same bag, different color and material. Buy through Oscar de la Renta for $990.

Both versions of this clutch are interesting, both are beautiful,
christian louboutin size 12, and either (hey, or both!) would be a great choice. The size is very spacious, 9.5″W x 7″H x 2″D, which works well for day or evening wear. We all knew Oscar de la Renta is a master of his domain,
christian louboutin buy, I am just happy to see his domain includes handbags.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

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